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Business Accountancy Services

We offer a wide range of business accountancy services to businesses both large and small. We can also offer specialist advice, based on years of experience, to farmers, dentists and other medical professionals.
General business services
All our general business services are available on a one-off or contract basis, in your place of work or ours, including:
  • Business accountancy services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Planning and finance  
  • Sector-specific advice (see below) 
Tax and VAT
Tax doesn’t have to be taxing. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the tax code to help you keep more of what you earn.

We specialise in:
  • Understanding tax rates and allowances
  • Personal tax returns 
  • Business tax services and returns
  • All aspects of VAT
  • Year-end tax planning
Corporate finance and planning
Whether you’re starting, running or winding up a business, Ross McConnell Chartered Accountants can help. Speak to us about:
  • Business start-up allowances 
  • Company secretarial
  • Corporate finance and tax planning
  • Selling your business
Payroll and employee matters
Not everyone has an HR department to rely on – especially if you’re self-employed. Ross McConnell Chartered Accountants know their way around all the legislation and regulations that affect employees, including:
  • IR35 and all issues relating to contract workers
  • P111Ds and all issues relating to employee benefits 
  • Managing payroll and issuing payslips
Sector-specific advice
Dental surgeons
The dental profession is changing rapidly. Without specialist financial and business advice, practices can rarely reach their full potential.
As specialist business accountants, Ross McConnell Chartered Accountants have years of experience in providing specialist advice to dentists, and we understand their particular needs. From advising associates in practice, to single dental practitioners and partnerships, we can provide dentists with both general business advice and assistance in matters unique to them.
Agriculture and farming
Farming is a business unlike any other. 
Like all businessmen and women, farmers have to deal with the usual paperwork relating to income tax, VAT, payroll and capital investment. But farmers also have entirely different sets of rules to other businesses when it comes to how they manage their cash. There’s also a whole host of other agriculture-specific tax exemptions and regulations. Add to this the fact that many farms are family businesses (raising inheritance and legacy issues) and farmers are often self-employed (raising pension, retirement and investment issues), and it’s clear that farmers need specialist advice. 
Ross McConnell Chartered Accountants have worked with farmers across Kinross and Perthshire for nearly 20 years, and have gained in-depth knowledge of the complex needs of farms, farmers and their families. Let them put this knowledge to work for you.
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